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Kendra E. Moore, PhD

By June 30, 2015

Kendra is passionate about solving complex problems: decomposing them into their constituent parts, fusing multiple types of data, applying different modeling and analysis approaches, and assembling the results into a coherent process or system that supports key decision making processes. She is the President and CEO of Boston Fusion Corp., which develops advanced technology for fusing and exploiting large-scale data sets to learn patterns, detect anomalies, and provide alerts on interesting activities and anomalies. Application areas include: intelligence, cyber security, command and control, space operations, and disaster response.

Prior to founding Boston Fusion in 2010, she served as a Program Manager in the Information Innovation Office at the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, the premier research arm of the Department of Defense. Before that, she was President of Advestan, Inc., a consulting company, and was Director of Information Fusion at ALPHATECH, Inc. Kendra earned PhD and MS degrees in Operations Research at Northeastern University, an MA in Philosophy of Religion from Columbia University / Union Theological Seminary, and a BA in Philosophy and Religion and Women’s Studies from Stephens College.

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