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Lori Griffiths

By June 30, 2015
Co-Chair, Board of Visitors

Lori Griffiths graduated from NYU with a degree in education.  After teaching in New York City for 15 years in underserved communities, she switched careers mid-life to become a bereavement coordinator for a large funeral home in Brookline.  This work led her to start an after care resource center called “The Levine Center for Loss and Healing”.  The center supports grieving adults and children, helping them as they travel the journey through sadness and depression that often accompanies loss.  She has run a number of support groups for different losses and ages for many years as well as setting up a system where people can contact others who have had a similar loss so they don’t feel so alone.

Lori and her late partner Barbara came to know Fenway Health through the contagious passion of their friend An Hinds.  Together they attended events and educated themselves about the depth and breadth of services provided.  They decided to make Fenway their philanthropic recipient with pride and commitment and Lori hopes to serve this impressive organization for many years to come.  Although Barbara is no longer with her, the spirit of her giving propels Lori to continue to deepen her relationship with Fenway in many new and different ways.

But the most important things to know about Lori are that, together with Barbara, she raised four wonderful children; she will go back to helping underserved children this fall by reading with first graders in Dorchester; and she makes a mean chili!

Fenway Health: Health Care Is A Right, Not A Privilege.