An Update Regarding COVID-19 Booster Shots

Dear Fenway Health patients and community,

With the Delta variant still increasing COVID-19 infections across the country, we have received several requests for information about COVID-19 vaccine booster shots and if we are providing these.

Please note that there is still no new guidance from the CDC and DPH regarding the administration of an additional COVID-19 vaccine dose as a booster. Current recommendations focus on using vaccinations to combat the pandemic in two main ways:

1.      by getting as many unvaccinated people through the primary series of vaccination(s). If you have not yet begun the vaccination process, please know it’s still not too late! Please call our vaccination line to schedule an appointment today at 617.927.6060.

2.      by delivering a third Pfizer vaccine to a very small part of the population (such as people with weakened immune systems) that never mounted an immune response after the first two vaccines. We are actively reaching out to our patients in this category.

No one else needs an additional vaccine at this time, but we are closely following all developments around COVID-19 vaccines, and we will provide updates and instructions to all once these become available.

Because the dose, type, and makeup of a booster shot may end up being very different from the original vaccines, we do strongly recommend holding off on getting an additional shot if you are not a member of the above group.

Please visit our website regularly for the latest information on COVID-19 vaccinations at Fenway Health.

Thank you all for your patience as we navigate these unprecedented times together.


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