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You Can Shape History.

For more than 40 years, Fenway Health has been on the forefront of ensuring the health of the LGBT community. In 1971, a small group of volunteers opened a free clinic to serve gay men, women, and the elderly in the Fenway neighborhood. They gathered the necessary resources and worked tirelessly to offer care to whomever walked in the door, changing the lives of many people who couldn’t even afford to pay.

Fenway is now one of the largest community health centers in Boston, providing care to nearly 25,000 patients across four locations. The Fenway Institute conducts ground-breaking studies about LGBT health disparities and best practices for the medical providers of LGBT people. As the historic expansion of LGBT rights in the US continues, Fenway researchers and providers are advising mayors, governors, and the White House on healthcare policy that better ensures the health of LGBT people.

Fenway has been able to grow only because of the community of people who rallied together to give of their time and resources. We don’t know what challenges lie ahead for the LGBT community but by including Fenway Health in your future plans, you can ensure that this institution will be there to serve the community for generations to come. 

Take Concrete Steps for the Future of Our Community

There is a range of ways you can help ensure Fenway’s long-term financial security and ability to serve the LGBT community far into the future. Some of the simplest and most effective planning vehicles include:

You can make Fenway Health one of the designees in your will or estate, as the direct beneficiary of assets, a portion or percentage of your estate, or the remainder of your estate after other obligations have been met.

Many people are not aware that you may choose an organization to be a beneficiary on your life insurance plans. This strategy is as easy as asking your HR manager or administrator of your life insurance policy to let you designate a Fenway Health as a beneficiary.

Real estate that we enjoy today can have a significant impact beyond our lifetime, converting into critical support for core programs and services at Fenway Health. In addition, there may be considerable tax benefits to this giving option. Your lawyer or estate planner can help explain the advantages of this long-term giving strategy.

Make a Bequest to Fenway Health


There are many ways to make a bequest to Fenway. As is the case with all financial and estate matters, we strongly suggest that you consult with your own attorney and/or financial advisor about your decision to make a planned gift to Fenway.

A bequest is an outright gift of cash or securities, made by designating a specific dollar amount or a fixed percentage of your estate to Fenway Health. If you decide to include Fenway Health in your estate plan, you may use the following language:

  • Should you wish to include Fenway Health in your will or trust, please note that our legal name is Fenway Community Health Center, Inc. Your attorney may want to know the organization’s Tax ID: 04-2510564.
  • “I give the sum of ______________ dollars ($__________) to Fenway Community Health Center, Inc., of Boston, Massachusetts, for its general purpose and use.”
  • “I give ______________ percent (__________%) of the residue of my estate to the Fenway Community Health Center, Inc., of Boston, Massachusetts, for its general purpose and use.”
  • The above-mentioned provisions create unrestricted bequests which assure that your gift will be used where it is most needed in the institution at the time that it is received.

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We Respect Your Right to Privacy

Fenway Health always honors the wishes of donors who choose to remain anonymous. Kindly call us at 617.927.6350 to remove your name from our website and other acknowledgement materials.


About Giving to Fenway

Fenway Health is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. For information about our non-profit status, please contact our Development Department at 617.927.6350. Fenway is listed with, an organization devoted to connecting philanthropists with up-to-date and accurate information on non-profits.


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