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Dr. Colleen Sloan

A call to action for Healthcare providers: Addressing healthcare disparities for sexual and gender minority women

Lore Mcspadden-Walker

Health at Every Size and Healthcare for Trans and Nonbinary Individuals

Dr. Karen Parker

The NIH’s SGM Strategic Plan and the future of SGM health research

Dr. Bethany Everett

Structural Discrimination and SMW Reproductive Health

Dr. Jae Downing

Pregnancies of People in Same-sex couples

Dr. Frances Grimstad

Sex doesn't exist*

Dr. Emma Carpenter

Queering Family Planning-- bringing LGBTQ+ perspectives to family planning and "women's" health care

Dr. Andy Tan

Culturally responsive health communication approaches to reduce tobacco use among young adult sexual minority women

Susan Jo Roberts

Boston Lesbian Health Project

Rachel Stoddard

Pap testing and the potential role of HPV self-swab

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