Journalists Rely on The Fenway Institute

How Our LGBTQIA+ Health Experts Can Help You

You have questions; we have answers. The world’s leading experts in LGBT population health as well as HIV/AIDS prevention and treatment are happy to help you with your next piece. When you need quotable sources and medical information, please call or email our press team (contact information is on the right side of this page, or at the bottom if you’re on mobile).

About The Fenway Institute & Fenway Health

The Fenway Institute is an interdisciplinary center for research, training, education, and policy development, focusing on national and international LGBTQIA+ health issues. The Fenway Institute is part of Fenway Health, an academic community health center serving the primary care needs of nearly 25,000 people in greater Boston and New England.

Meet some of our LGBTQIA+ Health Experts here.

International Health

The Fenway Institute is leading research and evaluation projects in Vietnam, Thailand, Brazil, and Zambia. Institute Faculty are also collaborating with community-based organizations in Chennai and Mumbai, India, to develop and implement research and education programs.

For more information on Fenway’s international health expertise, contact Chris Viveiros at 617.927.6432,

Health Data & Informatics

The Fenway Institute is a national leader in health informatics and data systems among American community health centers. Our experts participate in three of the largest clinical data registry projects in North America focused on improving care for people living with HIV/AIDS.

For more information on Fenway’s health data and informatics expertise, contact Chris Viveiros at 617.927.6432,

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