Your Care, Your Community

Fenway Health was Founded by Bold People.

We are reminded daily of their progressive vision for our organization and for our patients. We’ve come this far because of the wise leadership and generosity of people just like them, and those just like you, over many years. Whether you give $10 or $10 million, or whether you donate your time and talent, you can change the lives and futures of another human being.

That’s the beauty of giving to Fenway Health – everyone can make a difference. When you support our programs and services, led by our dedicated physicians, nurses, counselors and researchers, it helps us further our mission of providing the highest quality care, education, research and advocacy to the LGBT community.

Donor Profile: Paul Hempel

Paul Hempel came out at age 50. He first learned about Fenway by attending an educational session for newly out gay men. From the start, he was impressed and always felt accepted at Fenway. After being diagnosed with skin cancer, his Fenway doctors got him on the road to remission. Many staff dropped by to visit and bring food. Paul said that “it felt like a community.” Then, he met Ron Henderson. Ron had been living with AIDS for 25 years and, like Paul, became a Fenway patient. After they were married, Ron was diagnosed with liver cancer. Paul stated, “Fenway provided Ron better AIDS care than he had received for years, and after his cancer diagnosis, his doctor visited the hospital several times and added support to his care that meant so much to him.” Following a difficult illness, Ron sadly passed away.

Fast forward to a stopover at the Denver airport. That’s where Paul met Bruce Newman. Bruce has 3 children, as does Paul. Paul’s two daughters are both lesbians and his son is transgender and also a Fenway patient, who, according to Paul, “receives some of the best care that he has received anywhere.” On December 30, 2011, Paul and Bruce married. They now live in Oregon with their dog Merry on 65 acres overlooking the Pacific. When Paul was diagnosed with HIV, Fenway doctors helped get the disease managed and continued to treat him as there are no medical professionals trained in HIV care within 100 miles of where Paul lives. As a result, he continues to make trips to Fenway for care.

Wanting to give back, Paul became a member of the Fenway Leadership Circle and Legacy Society. He was particularly pleased to have also been able to name an exam room in Ron’s memory. Paul remarked that, “supporting Fenway is important to me because as a gay man living with HIV, I believe that the path to ending HIV and keeping LGBT people healthy and reducing stigma is through excellent research, outstanding care, and supportive treatment that goes beyond just good medical treatment. Fenway offers all of these, and I urge other members of the queer community to support them like I do.”

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