Board of Visitors

Established in 2005, the mission of Fenway’s Board of Visitors is to heighten the visibility of Fenway Health and to provide additional expertise and experience to support the organization. Members are interested and influential members of the community, patients, donors, and friends who lend their contacts, connections, and goodwill to help advance Fenway’s mission.

2016 – 2017  Members

Stewart B. Clifford, Jr.

Co-Chair, Board of Visitors

Stewart is the owner of the Stewart Clifford Gallery in Provincetown, Massachusetts and the president and founder of Enterprise Media, a video production and distribution company. Stewart Clifford has been responsible for the production of a number of national PBS specials including Tom Peters: Re-imagine! Business Excellence in a Disruptive Age, The Excellence Files and The Modern Presidency with David Frost.

A former Chair and member of Fenway’s Board of Directors and Co-Chair of Fenway’s “10 Stories” Capital Campaign, Stewart is also Trustee Emeritus of Boston Ballet and Chair of The Gay and Lesbian Review. He has also served on the boards of The New England Aquarium, Boston Ballet Center for Dance Education, and The Opera Company of New England.

Lori Griffiths

Co-Chair, Board of Visitors

Lori Griffiths graduated from NYU with a degree in education.  After teaching in New York City for 15 years in underserved communities, she switched careers mid-life to become a bereavement coordinator for a large funeral home in Brookline.  This work led her to start an after-care resource center called “The Levine Center for Loss and Healing”.  The center supports grieving adults and children, helping them as they travel the journey through sadness and depression that often accompanies loss. But the most important things to know about Lori now are that she, together with her late partner Barbara, raised four wonderful children; she will go back to helping underserved children this fall by reading with first graders in Dorchester.

John N. Affuso
William J. Anderson, PhD
Mikki Ansin
Ronald M. Ansin
Beverly Armstrong
Robin A. Atlas, MD
Jens Audenaert
Ashley L. N. Banfield
Genelle Bishop
Mara Blesoff
Eva N. Boyce
Hon. David J. Breen
Casey Brown
David W. Brown
Ruth R. Budd
Catherine D. Burgess
Sadie Burton-Goss
James C. Buttrick
Kay Calvert
Leah C. Camhi
Joseph R. Caputo
Anderson Clark, PhD
Stewart B. Clifford, Jr., Co-Chair
Joseph P. Colagreco, DNP
Harry R. Collings
John M. Costello
Deborah A. Daccord, Esq.
Gary K. Daffin
Linda Daniels, PsyD
David M. Datz, Esq.
John M. DeCiccio
John S. Dubrow, MD
Christine M. Duffy
Dennis P. Duffy
Jeffrey P. Dugan
DeeDee Edmondson
John R. Ehrenfeld
William T. Emery
Meryl Epstein
Peter J. Epstein, Esq.
Thomas P. Evans
Tiffani Faison
Timothy J. Fitzgerald

Arlene Fortunato
Steven F. Fossella
Stephen Frank, Esq.
Isabella M. Gambill
Brian K. Gerhardson
Alex Gonzalez, MD
Ryan Gosser
Lori J. Griffiths, Co-Chair
Anthony Grillo
Edward Gromada
John A. Haas
Dean T. Hara
David G. Hayter
Howard T. Heller, MD
Kristie Helms
Andy Huang, CPA
Thomas Hyde
Justin T. Isaac
Michael Istvanko
Scott S. Jones
June Kelly
David J. Knight
G.P. Paul Kowal
Michael Kozuch
Robert E. Krasow
Michael Lake
Ted T. Lee
Damian Lima
Jonathan S. Litt, MD
Michael Lowenthal
Ashley Lucas
Paul E. Lynch, MD
Deborah Maine, DrPH
Thomas J. Martorelli
Stephen Martyak
Ursula Matulonis, MD
Lauren K. Matysiak
Maurice J. Maxie
Mary Beth McInerney
Neal Minahan
Jessica Mink
Theresa C. Murray
Lindsey L. Noecker
Bisola O. Ojikutu, MD, MPH

Alex J. Oneto
Dale Orlando
Cheryl A. Parks
Jay Philomena
Brian Piccini
Brian Price
Bryan C. Pridgen
Brian Ramos
Angela L. Rappoli
Joseph T. Realmuto, Jr.
Glenn A. Rigoff
Carol A. Roby
Jo-Anna Rorie
Sen. Stanley Rosenberg
Jonathan S. Rotenberg
Allison Salke
Arnold E. Sapenter
Regina Savageau
Andrew F. Saxe
Sara G. Schnorr
Sarah Schochet
Eric Schultz
James R. Seligman, DMD
Brandon O. Smith
Jacqueline Smith
Jerome M. Smith
Rebecca Sniderman
Gregg M. Snyder
Richard Spencer
Scott E. Squillace, Esq.
Grace Sterling Stowell
John R. Stewart
Richard Taranto
Bobbi Taylor
Diane M. Tucker
William M. Webster
Claire B. Willis, LICSW
John F. Winterle, DMD
Eddie Zaidner, MD
William P. Zanetis
Joseph D. Zibrak, MD
David Zimmerman
Stephen H. Zinner, MD

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