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Fenway Health is not affected by the Microsoft IT Outage. We are open for patient appointments and other normal operations on 7/19/2024.

Housing Search & Advocacy

Housing Search Advocacy and Rental Assistance is now part of Victory Programs (VPI), whose mission is to open the door to hope, recovery, and community for individuals and families facing homelessness, addiction, or other chronic health conditions. Victory Programs already offers a number of housing programs and are looking forward to expanding them. You can contact or refer clients to them at:

Our primary goal during this transition is to make sure clients continue to receive the services they need. Public funding for these programs is not going away and we are working closely with our funders and community partners to transition these programs to trusted organizations who are well positioned to continue providing these services.

We are making these changes as we continue to adapt to a post-pandemic healthcare environment challenging the industry here and across the country.

  • The decision to transfer some of our services to other agencies will help ensure the future of those programs and is not a reflection of our commitment to our clients or their families.
  • We are here to help you navigate these changes over the next few weeks and to connect clients with other community agencies and resources that can offer assistance moving forward.
  • Our goal is to make sure clients continue to receive the services they need.
  • We will share more information about how clients can work with those new agencies as soon as we can.
  • Staff and providers here at Fenway will continue to work with and refer clients to those programs.
  • We will regularly update our website and client-facing materials to communicate the current state of programs, services, and referrals to other organizations.

Please talk with program staff if you have questions about services you are currently receiving. As these programs wind down here at Fenway, they will need to stop taking on new clients. We will share information on becoming a client at these new agencies as soon as we can.

Here are some resources that may be helpful in the meantime:

These changes do not mean AIDS Action is closing. Our Access Drug User Health program, sexual health and HIV/STI services, and community health workers who offer health navigation and connection to care are all still here to help if you need them.

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