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Trans and Gender Diverse Youth Care

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We know how hard it can be to find the right place for your child to receive care. Despite a growing number of options for care for trans and gender diverse young people throughout Massachusetts, it can be difficult to know what program best fits your family’s needs. Our integrated model of care is one example of how we continuously work to lower the barriers trans and gender diverse youth face in accessing care. From their first day at Fenway Health, our providers are trained to provide all aspects of care through an affirming, patient-centered model. We also consider gender affirming medical care (like puberty blockers and hormones) to be a part of primary care, and all of our Pediatricians and Family Medicine providers are happy to work with our patients and their families towards their individual goals.

Our focus on individualized care plans is one of the most unique aspects of our program. Since our care for trans and gender diverse young people is integrated within our primary care programs, our providers are uniquely positioned to work with patients and families on comprehensive healthcare needs and adjust our care plans to best match each families needs.

Are your questions not answered here? Would you prefer to speak with someone in the Trans Health Program before scheduling an appointment? Sign up for an appointment in our All Access Hours! These free 20 minute appointments with our Trans Health Program Patient Advocate are available to anyone interested in learning more about the care Fenway Health provides and the resources and supports offered through the Trans Health Program.

You can schedule these appointments using the button below, or by giving us a call at 857-313-6589.

Youth & Family Orientation Night
2nd Tuesday Of Each Month From 6:30-8PM
An evening for families of trans and gender diverse youth to meet members of our trans youth care team, learn about the comprehensive services offered, and what to expect from care. Topics covered in this session include the process of getting started with gender affirming medical care, puberty blockers, hormone therapy, behavioral health support, insurance, prior authorizations, and non-medical aspects of gender affirmation surrounding care for trans and gender diverse youth. Parents and guardians of trans and gender diverse youth under age 18 are welcome to attend.

Medical Care

Fenway Health offers medical care for gender diverse youth at all of our clinical sites. This includes primary care in addition to puberty suppression and/or hormone therapy, as medically and developmentally appropriate. To schedule a visit for someone under the age of 18, call the number listed below and request an appointment in the Trans Youth Clinic.

We have three clinical sites providing medical care to trans and gender diverse young people.

These sites see patients of all ages within Family Medicine:

  • Ansin Building, 1340 Boylston Street
  • Fenway: South End, 142 Berkeley Street

This site sees only patients who are 12-29 years old:

  • Sidney Borum, Jr. Health Center, 142 Berkeley Street

To schedule a medical appointment for your child to discuss gender exploration and/or options in medical gender affirmation, please call 857.347.5349. Prior to your first appointment, we ask families to complete the packet below to the best of your ability.

New Gender Diverse Youth Packet

For more information on what to expect, take a look at the Gender Affirming Medical Care tab below, or reach out to the Trans Health Program at 857.313.6589 or


Behavioral Health

Fenway Health has behavioral health services that provide episodic treatment for trans, nonbinary, and gender diverse patients ages 12 and up. It is best to call the Behavioral Health intake line at 617.927.6202 to ask what the current wait time is for starting treatment and whether the services available are the best fit for your needs. For additional information about services offered through our Behavioral Health department, click here

To find a therapist outside Fenway Health, there are a few places people may search online. One category of websites is those created specifically for the purpose of tracking affirming providers, such as Other publicly available sites include those generally used to find behavioral health providers, such as, which may be narrowed down using key terms such as “transgender” as well as by the ages the provider is able to see. Also available are professional credentialing websites, such as the website. Finally, many health insurance carriers have lists of therapists if you call the member services phone number on the back of your card. For further assistance in finding a behavioral health provider, feel free to directly contact the Trans Health Program or your Fenway medical provider.

Is your question not answered here? Give us a call!

617.356.1573 or

Medical Appointments (TGD youth under 18)


Behavioral Health (TGD youth ages 12 and up)


Any other questions?

617.356.1573 or

Looking for information about care, services, and resources for trans and gender diverse adults (18+)?

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