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Trans and Gender Diverse Youth and Adolescents

Gender affirming care for transgender and gender diverse youth at Fenway Health is managed through family medicine primary care teams. As a patient, you and your parent(s)/guardian(s) work together with medical and behavioral health care providers to develop a treatment plan centered on your gender goals and based on your age, developmental history, medical, and mental health conditions. Understanding your goals and concerns allows us to support you, your family, and your larger support system. 

In recent years, the rights of transgender and gender diverse (TGD) young people have been threatened, with several states introducing legislation designed to restrict participation in sports and access to the health care people in these communities need and deserve.

Fenway Health is committed to providing high quality, culturally competent care and services to all of our patients, including trans and gender diverse youth. We also conduct research and education and engage in advocacy to expand care for and protect the rights of trans and gender diverse youth across the United States.

We work hard to ensure our facilities are as safe and welcoming as possible. We take any and all threats very seriously and our safety and security staff partner with law enforcement to address them.

Fenway’s programs and care for trans and gender diverse youth are an essential part of the work we do. We remain steadfast in our commitment to supporting all young people in our community.

  • We are family centered in every aspect of our assessments and interactions. We support family-based decision making at every step. 
  • We use a developmental approach to care, meaning that our assessment and approach to medical recommendations are based on where each child is in their pubertal, cognitive, and social areas of maturation. 
  • We work in interdisciplinary teams, sharing the expertise of medical and behavioral health providers in developing a patient-focused treatment plan. 
  • We practice a holistic, patient-centered model of care which recognizes that our patients each have unique needs and stresses within their family, school, institutions, the public and the world. 
  • Our medical recommendations are driven by evidence, research, expert opinion, and experience. 

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