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Using Innovative Intervention Strategies to Improve Health Outcomes among People with HIV (2iS) Coordinating Center for Technical Assistance

The Fenway Institute (TFI), in partnership with AIDS United (AU), serves as the Coordinating Center for Technical Assistance (CCTA) for the Health Resources and Services Administration HIV/AIDS Bureau (HRSA HAB) Special Projects of National Significance Program: Using Innovative Intervention Strategies to Improve Health Outcomes among People with HIV (2iS). The 2iS initiative is a four-year project (2021-2025) to facilitate the rapid implementation and evaluation of seven emerging interventions, which are those that are innovative and responsive to emerging priorities, have real world validity and effectiveness demonstrated at least at the local level, but may not yet have published evidence.  

What We Do

The purpose of the 2iS CCTA is to identify innovative interventions in four focus areas, support rapid implementation of the interventions at 20 subawarded Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program (RWHAP)-funded sites, provide technical assistance (TA) to support implementation at the sites, and develop accessible dissemination products to promote the replication and scale-up of the interventions in HIV service organizations nationally.

The overall goal is to improve health outcomes along the HIV care continuum, including engagement and re-engagement in care, retention in care, and viral suppression for three priority populations and in one area of opportunity to improve service delivery:

  1. People with substance use disorder (SUD)
  2. Lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer (LGBTQ+) youth
  3. People with incarceration experience
  4. Using telehealth services

TFI/AU is working in close collaboration with the University of California, San Francisco to evaluate the clinical and implementation outcomes of the implemented interventions.

Our Experience

TFI/AU previously led the CCTA for Using Evidence-Informed Interventions to Improve Health Outcomes among People Living with HIV (E2i, 2017-2021), for which 2iS is the competing renewal. E2i was the first concrete application of the HAB implementation science framework, which was developed to support the translation of insights from the implementation science literature to real-world settings. As the 2iS CCTA, and in collaboration with the 2iS Evaluation Center and HRSA HAB, TFI/AU will promote the rapid implementation of innovative interventions for improving health outcomes among people with HIV, with the ultimate goal of ending the HIV epidemic in the United States.

As with E2i, the 2iS CCTA will create comprehensive intervention toolkits comprised of guides, videos, learning modules, and client outreach materials to support replication across the RWHAP and other HIV service organizations. All 2iS toolkits will be publicly available on in 2025. For an example of what these toolkits will look like, see the E2i site at


For assistance, please email us at

CCTA Staff

  • Alex S. Keuroghlian, MD, MPH
    Principal Investigator
  • Milo Dorfman, MS
    Project Director
  • Damian Krebs, MPH, MSc
    Project Coordinator
  • Emma Walsh
    Program Assistant
  • Hilary Goldhammer, SM
    Curriculum Director
  • Michele Hatchell
    Curriculum Specialist
  • Sarah Mitnick, MBA
    Director of Program Operations
  • Ken Mayer, MD
    Director of HIV Interventions
  • Sean Cahill, PhD
    Director of Policy
  • Chris Grasso
    Director of Telehealth
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