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Fenway Health is not affected by the Microsoft IT Outage. We are open for patient appointments and other normal operations on 7/19/2024.

Strategic Plan and Racial Equity Action Plan

At our 2021 Annual Meeting, Fenway Health unveiled our new mission statement, 5-year Strategic Plan, and Racial Equity Action Plan, all designed to make us a more just and equitable organization.

Our Mission

Fenway Health advocates for and delivers innovative, equitable, accessible health care, supportive services, and transformative research and education. We center LGBTQIA+ people, BIPOC individuals, and other underserved communities to enable our local, national, and global neighbors to flourish.

Our Values

We value informed risk-taking and experimentation. We are willing to step outside our comfort zone, to fail and to learn. We stand up for what we believe in.

We foster connection with one another to strengthen our work. We cultivate brave spaces in which people can come together to connect, be heard, and support one another.

We meet the suffering of others with openness, generosity, understanding, and acceptance, and do all we can to alleviate it.

We recognize and accept our strengths and limitations. We are open to new ideas and perspectives. We make space for the voices of others. We are willing to ask for help.

We are driven to identify, develop, and execute novel approaches to tough challenges to drive progress.

We keep the promises we make to ourselves and each other. We are honest, forthright, and transparent. We take responsibility for our actions.

We believe every person is entitled to the same rights, access to power and resources, opportunity to live the life of their choosing, and respect.

We ask questions to understand, and embrace opportunities to learn, iterate, and improve.

Fenway Health Announces Five-Year Strategic Plan Anchored by Racial Equity Action Plan

BOSTON, June 10, 2021—The Fenway Health Board of Directors has unanimously approved a strategic plan to guide the work of the organization over the next five years. The strategic plan is centered around a Racial Equity Action Plan that was also unanimously adopted and affirmed by the Board.

“This is an historic moment for Fenway Health. The organization has new leadership, the needs of the people who count on us are shifting, racial equity has assumed a central role in our collective consciousness, the current policy, political, and health care landscape remains unsettled, and the COVID-19 pandemic has posed unprecedented challenges to us all,” said Fenway Health Board Chair Jonathan Matsui, PhD. “Fenway Health is rising to the occasion, embracing this extraordinary opportunity to transform ourselves into the organization we need to become to deliver on the full promise of our mission now, and tomorrow.” Read more.

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