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Online Scheduling

Online Appointment Scheduling Is Back and Better Than Ever!

Fenway Health’s new MyChart online appointment scheduling software lets you book most medical appointments from home or on the go. Just login to MyChart and follow the prompts. You can even book same day up to one hour prior to an available appointment.

Online scheduling is available for sick visits and follow-up appointments ONLY. If you would like to book a physical, telehealth, high resolution anoscopy (HRA), Testopel, or other specialty appointment, please send an appointment request message through MyChart or call 617.927.6000. 

If you are experiencing a life-threatening emergency or any of the following symptoms, please call our appointment line at 617.927.6000 to be triaged by a nurse:

  • Heavy Bleeding (vaginal or other)
  • Allergic Reactions/Throat Swelling
  • Sudden/Severe Pain or Headache/Migraine
  • Chest Pain/Pressure, Irregular Heartbeat/Palpitations, Trouble Breathing
  • Accident-Related Injury
  • Assault/Hate Crime/Domestic Abuse/Rape
  • Emergency Birth Control
  • Animal Bite
  • Loss of Consciousness/Fainting/Confusion/Concussion
  • Seizure/Stroke/TIA
  • Sudden changes in vision/loss of sight
  • Suicidal or Homicidal thoughts
  • Medication overdose or poison digestion concerns
  • Broken/dislocated limbs/Blue, cold, or numb extremities
  • Vomiting or diarrhea for 3 or more days
  • During pregnancy, any of the following: Miscarriage, High Blood Pressure, Bleeding/Cramping, UTI, Fever, Falls/Injury, and/or Broken Water

Again, if you have any of the following, please call our appointment line at 617.927.6000 to be triaged by a nurse.

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