Welcome to Fenway Health’s Dental Services Department

We understand that your oral health is of utmost importance and we are committed to providing the best care possible. However, the current shortage in dental hygienists has presented challenges in meeting our usual appointment availability. We want to assure you that we are actively working to resolve this situation. We genuinely appreciate your patience and trust in us at Fenway Dental. Thank you for continuing to be part of our dental family.

You may notice that not all of our rooms have doors closing them off from the clinic.  Our COVID Clinical Leadership Team follows the latest guidelines from the CDC to prioritize your safety and has determined it is safe to treat patients in all rooms, regardless of doors and walls.  Our rooms are equipped with extra oral suctions, HEPA air purifiers and all patients maintain a distance of 6 feet during treatment.  We anticipate leaving the remaining ‘temporary’ walls in place for the foreseeable future as we navigate this pandemic so we can keep our clinic running if guidelines change.  Thank you for your patience and understanding during this time.  We are grateful to be your dental home.

The Department of Dentistry at Fenway Health is a seventeen-chair, state-of-the-art dental facility utilizing the latest technologies in patient care and treatment. With continued research demonstrating the relationship between oral and overall health, it is our goal to provide our patients with access to high-quality oral health care. The addition of Dental Services to Fenway Health in 2009 has enabled us to better treat each individual with early oral disease prevention, detection, and restoration. Patients are also provided education on the most effective home care routines by members of our dental hygiene team.

We accept most major insurance plans, including MassHealth and Commonwealth Care. We also encourage patients to please arrive at least 15 minutes prior to their scheduled appointment time to allow for any paperwork or financial discussion.

All of our dental providers have extensive training and are proficient in all aspects of general dentistry. Fenway’s Dentistry Department offers a variety of services for patients of all ages including the recent addition of our milling unit which allows for same-day crown delivery services when applicable.

Our dental team understands the anxiety that dental visits may bring and is dedicated to ensuring patients at Fenway Health are provided with the knowledge and care necessary to ensure optimal oral health results. We look forward to seeing your smile!

Homecare Tips from Your Providers



Ansin Building


Fenway Health Dental Services

  • Comprehensive Exams
  • Oral Cancer Screening & Evaluation
  • Digitalized X-Rays
  • Adult and Child Prophylaxis & Exams
  • Amalgam & Composite (tooth-colored) Fillings
  • Esthetic Consultations
  • Tooth-Whitening Procedures
  • Veneers, Crowns & Bridges
  • Complete & Partial Removable Prosthetics (dentures)
  • Non-Complicated Root Canals &  Tooth Extractions
  • Scaling and Root Planing With Local Anesthesia
  • Periodontal Maintenance Visits
  • Clear Orthodontic Aligners
  • Same Day Crown Appointments
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