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New Homes Found for Fenway’s Legal Programs, Youth on Fire, and Housing Services

Entrance to 1340 Boylston Street

The process of transferring Fenway’s housing, legal, and Youth On Fire public health services to trusted community partners that are well-positioned to deliver these services for our clients and members is being finalized. Fenway has worked in close coordination with The Massachusetts Department of Public Health and other funders to ensure our clients have uninterrupted access to high quality legal, housing search and advocacy, rental assistance, and youth drop-in services. New homes have been identified for those programs.

Housing Search Advocacy and Rental Assistance are being transferred to Victory Programs (VPI), whose mission is to open the door to hope, recovery, and community for individuals and families facing homelessness, addiction, or other chronic health conditions. Victory Programs already offers a number of housing programs and are looking forward to expanding them. You can contact or refer clients to them at:

The Legal Advocacy program will be transferred to JRI, a leader in social justice, with over 100 diverse programs meeting the needs of underserved individuals, families and communities. They are committed to excellence, delivering targeted services that support the dignity of each person. JRI’s Health Law Institute has been providing free civil legal services to the same populations as Fenway Health’s Legal Services for decades and will continue to do so using a holistic, trauma-informed, client-centered model. You can contact or refer clients to them at:

Youth On Fire will become part of The Home for Little Wanderers. The Home for Little Wanderers helps build stable lives and hopeful futures for children and young adults who are abused, neglected or at-risk. Each year, their community-based and residential programs meet the needs of more than 15,000 youth and families. These young people are often society’s most vulnerable, victims of trauma, violence or shattered family lives. Youth On Fire’s main number, 617.661.2508, will be forwarded as part of the transition.

Moving these services was a difficult decision but one that will ensure these programs are best positioned to continue serving our clients while Fenway focuses on our core expertise, providing LGBTQIA+-affirming healthcare and healthcare-related services. We want to thank our incredible housing, legal, and Youth On Fire teams for their commitment to our clients, AIDS Action and Fenway Health over the years. Also, we want to thank the funders and community organizations for their unwavering support and commitment to providing these important services for our patients and clients.

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