LGBT Family & Parenting Services

Since 1983, Fenway Health Has Been an International Pioneer in Helping LGBT People Become Parents

Fenway was one of the first in the nation to offer alternative insemination services to lesbians and today we continue to provide medical alternatives for achieving conception, as well as a support network, education, and advocacy.

Fenway also provides resources, information, and educational services to LGBT-headed families. We hold educational presentations where parents can network.  We offer adoption resources, legal referrals, surrogacy resources and other information for prospective LGBT parents.

LGBT Family & Parenting – Resources & Support

Children of Lesbians and Gays Everywhere


COLAGE: Greater Boston Chapter

Gay Parent Magazine


Greater Boston Parents, Families
and Friends of Lesbians and Gays


Prospective Queer Parents

Family Equality Council


Gay Fathers of Greater Boston

National Center for Lesbian Rights


Gay & Lesbian Advocates & Defenders


Gay, Lesbian, and Straight Education Network

(GLSEN Boston)


(formerly Women’s Educational Media)
2180 Bryant St., Suite 203
San Francisco, CA 94110

Single Mothers by Choice


SPACE: Single Parent Adoption of Children Everywhere


Choice Moms

Yahoo group community for parents and prospective parents who are transgender, transsexual, gender variant or genderqueer, or partnered with someone who is trans. See their description for more information.

Donor Sibling Registry

Donor Database Search

Resolve of the Bay State, Inc.

(Infertility resources and support)

Center for Adoption Research

Straight Spouse Network


Massachusetts Adoption Resource Exchange

617.542.3678; 800.882.1176

For more information about any of Fenway’s LGBT Family & Parenting Services, contact Liz Coolidge at 617.927.6243.



The Alternative Insemination Program

The Alternative Insemination (AI) Program at Fenway Health offers instruction for home-based, non-technical insemination as well as office inseminations performed by medical practitioners. Through thoughtful education, support from our staff, and optional support groups, women develop fertility awareness and learn about the various AI options. Our staff is available to help you work through the challenging yet rewarding issues and stresses involved in the AI experience.

Upcoming LGBT Parenting Workshops

Fenway Health’s LGBT Family & Parenting Services Program holds several workshops of interest to LGBT parents every year. For more information on upcoming LGBT Parenting Workshops, visit Fenway’s online calendar, which is updated on a regular basis.