A Statement On The Violence At The US Capitol

Yesterday, the world watched in horror as violent mobs laid siege to our nation’s Capitol, fueled by the President’s continued false allegations of election fraud. It was truly one of the darkest days in American history.

This unprecedented violence took place not only on the same day that Congress gathered to certify the results of the 2020 election – part of the peaceful transfer of power that is a cornerstone of our democracy – but on the same day that Rev. Raphael Warnock and John Ossoff became, respectively, the first Black Senator and the first Jewish Senator in Georgia’s history.

The juxtaposition of those historic victories in Georgia and the violence in DC cannot be ignored. Members of the mob that swarmed the Capitol yesterday carried Confederate flags and neo-Nazi paraphernalia. This was not just an attack on a democratically held election, but on the diversity of America itself.

As many have already noted, the police response to this riot was extremely muted in comparison with the aggression directed at Black Lives Matters protestors this summer. This stark contrast is yet another clear example of the white supremacy and systemic racism in action. Those who were responsible for this shameful display must be held accountable.

Yesterday’s events have a profound impact on Fenway’s work and mission. It energizes us to deliver the essential care and services we provide. It underscores how deeply important it is for us to continue our work to become an anti-racist organization. And with the outcome of the elections finally certain, we can again envision and begin to advance a proactive advocacy strategy concerning our health, our civil liberties, and a host of other issues of vital importance to our mission and our communities.  This is incredibly significant, as there remains so much to be done – and undone.


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