Cherry’s Story: Change the Narrative. Change a Life. Support AIDS Action.

Cherry, a young woman who was a victim of domestic violence, was facing eviction. Her local housing authority revoked her voucher for subsidized housing because her partner, who was abusive, was living with her.

During this tumultuous time, Cherry had nowhere to turn for stable housing or support. Her need for affordable housing had not changed and she ended up in a shelter. Cherry turned to AIDS Action Committee’s legal team and they were able to help. For no charge to Cherry, AIDS Action’s lawyers fought the housing authority on her behalf and were able to prove that Cherry should legally regain her voucher, which she did. We are happy to report that she is now living independently and has a steady job.

Cherry is just one of the hundreds of clients that AIDS Action Committee’s legal team assists every year. Our experienced attorneys provide representation and advice to those living with HIV/AIDS and survivors of sexual assault, domestic violence, and stalking. They advocate on a range of civil legal matters—from housing and employment to health insurance, estate planning, social security, and unemployment benefits. AIDS Action Committee’s legal team also helps clients with HIPPA and privacy violations, divorce and custody battles, consumer debt issues, discrimination in the workplace and community, and more.

Your support of the 2019 AIDS Walk Boston helps us continue to provide vital legal services for those in need. Change the Narrative. Change a Life. Support AIDS Action.

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