Did you know that Fenway Health and Callen-Lorde serve the largest number of trans and non-binary (TGNB) patients in the country? Combined, Fenway and Callen-Lorde serve almost 10,000 TGNB people. Collectively, our voices have power. How can we make healthcare for TGNB people even better? Ask TGNB people!

The LEGACY Project is the first community-based transgender cohort study…EVER. We are using health information from the clinic and survey data to see how gender-affirming healthcare affects health outcomes like quality of life, mental health, and sexual health. The LEGACY Project is an opportunity to share your healthcare experiences and inform care for TGNB people nationally. With the information gained in this study, we hope to influence approaches to transgender health across the nation and worldwide.

The LEGACY Project is led, designed, and run by and for TGNB people. Our research team is led by TGNB scientists and experts at both Fenway Health and Callen-Lorde. It’s our mission to host a study that represents all of our TGNB patients.