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Fenway Health Launches Employee Pronoun Workgroup

As part of our ongoing commitment to creating inclusive and affirming spaces for both patients and staff, Fenway Health has organized an employee workgroup to brainstorm ways to improve how we use pronouns across our organization.

This workgroup will meet over the next few months and review the ways we share, use, and ask for pronouns at Fenway Health. This will include looking at how pronoun data is currently collected during patient visits and discussing ways that this process could be changed to create a better patient experience. The group will also look at ways we can use pronoun data to improve patient care.

To kick off these efforts, we are rolling out new pronoun pins for our staff. The pins feature a wide range of preferred pronouns: she/her, she/they, he/him, he/they, they/them, “Ask Me,” and fill in the blank. By wearing these pins, our staff can demonstrate that they understand the importance of pronouns, as well as start important conversations about gender variance and identities. We would like to extend a special thank you to Jordan Hutensky, Ruben Hopwood, and Julie Thompson for helping design these pins.

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