LGBT Aging Project Receives $10K Grant From Eastern Bank Charitable Foundation For COVID-19 Aid

Boston, October 27, 2020 – The LGBT Aging Project, a program of The Fenway Institute at Fenway Health, announced today that it has received a $10,000 grant from Eastern Bank Charitable Foundation (EBCF). The grant is part of a commitment from the Eastern Bank Charitable Foundation to provide financial support to local organizations focused on COVID-19 relief. The Aging Project is using this generous funding to help LGBTQIA+ older adults stay connected to their communities and support networks virtually. Many seniors are facing increased isolation during this time of quarantine and social distancing, and having the option to engage with each other through technology like Zoom has become a true lifeline.

“The LGBT Aging Project is grateful to Eastern Bank for their support of our COVID-19 related efforts to support LGBTQIA+ older adults during this pandemic,” said Lisa Krinsky, Director of the Aging Project.

As Krinsky explained, the Aging Project has been are hosting weekly Zoom drop in groups since the spring, to offer support to the community and provide a means of social connection during a time when so many older adults are socially isolated.

“For those who already have access to technology like computers, smartphones, and webcams, we’ve been able to coach many of them to set up and use Zoom as a way to stay connected to their community,” she said. “For those who do not have their own technology, we have used some of the Eastern Bank funds to purchase tablets to loan. We’ve been teaching folks how to set up and use this equipment to engage in the virtual world that is sustaining so many of us these days.”

EBCF is providing a total of $8 million in COVID-19 philanthropic support in the communities it serves.

“Evidence of the impact of this virus outbreak on our neighbors, families, and small businesses is everywhere,” said Nancy Huntington Stager, President and CEO of Eastern Bank Charitable Foundation. “And, we also see the resiliency, sheer will, and hope of people across our region as they band together to help one another. The need for assistance continues to grow, and we will do what we can to give back and support the most vulnerable populations in our communities as well as encourage those who are able to do so to join us.”

We’d like to thank Eastern Bank for helping us to keep our community strong!

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