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Meet Our Newest YLC Co-Chairs

Katelyn Dolan and Kaden Stearns are our new YLC Co-Chairs.

The Young Leaders Council of Fenway Health (YLC) is an extraordinary group of emerging local leaders. These dedicated 20 and 30-somethings are on a mission to make a difference for their LGBTQ community by supporting the work of Fenway Health. The YLC also hosts diverse, community-focused events that encourage philanthropy and volunteerism. A group this special needs truly exceptional leadership, and we’re so fortunate to have two amazing new YLC Co-Chairs: Please allow us to introduce you to Katelyn Dolan and Kaden Stearns!

Katelyn Dolan

Katelyn’s relationship with Fenway Health began when she moved to Boston in 2010 to pursue her Doctorate in Physical Therapy degree. Fenway provided Katelyn with an environment where she felt welcome, safe and accepted throughout her coming out journey. Her experiences as a patient at Fenway Health led Katelyn to join the Young Leaders Council, Fenway Health Dinner Party Committee, and the Steering Committee, as well as to participate in Harbor to the Bay ride over the past five years.

Through Katelyn’s professional and personal experiences, she has developed a deeper understanding for the spoken and unspoken words of vulnerable populations. As a Fenway Health patient, medical professional and LGBTQ advocate, Katelyn has been able to recognize and develop a deeper understanding that each and every individual is unique and has their own needs and desires; that every defining characteristics of our lives needs to be taken into consideration. This understanding has further enhanced her passion for raising awareness and empowering leaders to help shape the future of the Fenway Health community.

Katelyn is a graduate of Assumption College with a BA in Biology and Economics; she then received her Doctorate in Physical Therapy from Simmons College in 2014. Professionally, Katelyn began her career as an Inpatient Acute Physical Therapist at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, an affiliate of Fenway Health. After two and a half years, Katelyn decided to pursue her passion in pediatrics and joined the Inpatient Acute Physical Therapy team at Boston Children’s Hospital. Additionally, she has served as the Assistant Women’s Soccer Coach at Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Kaden Stearns

Kaden first established a relationship with Fenway Health when he began his transition in the Midwest and was navigating a community with limited trans healthcare resources. Since returning to Boston in 2014, Kaden has been a Fenway patient and an involved YLC member. He has served as a Dinner Party table captain and participated in multiple Fenway Institute initiatives and studies. This year, he is looking forward to his first Harbor to the Bay ride.

Kaden joined Isaacson, Miller, an executive search firm dedicated to diversifying and strengthening civic sector leadership, as an Associate in 2017. Prior to joining the firm, Kaden worked at Wellesley College as Associate Director for Special Events and Programs, and previously, as Assistant Director of The Wellesley Fund.

Before Wellesley, Kaden was Program Coordinator for the NCAA’s Office for Evaluation and Program Excellence. Bringing the personal experience of intensive involvement as a basketball and rugby student athlete, and with a passion for the importance of collegiate athletics, Kaden played an important role in a new NCAA initiative to measure program effectiveness and to use data analytics to inform decision making. Kaden also developed educational programs aimed at improving inclusion in collegiate athletics. Kaden earned a BA at Wellesley College with concentrations in psychology, mathematics, and educational studies.

Welcome, Katelyn and Kaden, and thank you for your leadership!


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