Second Edition of Fenway Health History Book ‘For People, Not For Profit’ Now Available for Download

For over four decades years, Fenway Health has been making history, as chronicled in Thomas Martorelli’s 2012 book For People, Not for Profit: A History of Fenway Health’s First Forty Years. And as you can see in the new second edition of this book – now available for download – we’re not slowing down anytime soon!

Martorelli’s book tells the story of Fenway Health’s growth from a small, volunteer-run walk-in clinic to an international leader into an international leader in care and research for the LGBTQ community and people living with HIV/AIDS. It is also the story of the tremendous societal changes that drove and affected that growth. The community activism and volunteer collectives of the 1970s; the devastation of the HIV/AIDS epidemic which emerged in the 1980s; the LGBTQ civil rights movement that gained strength and momentum through the 1990s; and the advances in research and advocacy that have brought so many health care and civil rights victories in the 2000s – it’s all there. At the same time, Martorelli tells us Fenway’s story through the voices of the people who were and are still a part of this incredible organization – from the early ups and downs through Fenway’s growth into one of the largest LGBT health organizations in the world.

This updated version continues the Fenway Health story into more recent years, giving new shape and depth to the history laid out in the first edition and covering important newer events, such as the merger of Fenway Health and AIDS Action. We hope you’ll download it today and learn more about what has made Fenway Health such a special place for nearly half a century!

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