Traveling To Fenway Health During MBTA Closures

As you may already know, the MBTA has recently suspended service on the entire Orange Line, as well as the Green Line from Government Center to Union Square, as part of a major project to make much needed repairs to the transit system. The Orange Line is scheduled to be closed from August 19 through September 19, while the Green Line section closure will be in effect from August 22 to September 19.

These closures will most directly affect Fenway Health patients who are visiting our offices in the South End (Back Bay station) and the Borum (Chinatown/Tufts Medical stations), though the large expected increase in traffic and usage of alternate public transportation routes will likely make for longer travels time across the entire Boston area.

The MBTA has put together a Rider’s Guide for Planning Ahead to help riders navigate these closures and plan their travel accordingly. Below is the complete list of suggested alternate routes to each Orange Line station:

To visit Fenway: South End at Back Bay, please utilize the Commuter Rail, shuttle buses/vans, or the #39 and CT2 buses along the Green Line E branch.

To visit the Borum at Chinatown and Tufts Medical Center, please utilize the Green Line to Boylston, Silver Line 4 and Silver Line 5, or the supplemental shuttle service connecting Government Center, Tufts, and Chinatown. Please note that the supplemental shuttle hours are limited to every 30 minutes from 5 AM – 7 AM and from 8 PM – 1 AM.

If you are looking for Quest Diagnostics Lab services, please visit our site to view all lab location options in Boston.

We anticipate that these MBTA closures will significantly affect travel to and from Fenway Health locations, and we empathize with any frustrations our patients and clients may experience around this. To ensure that we are able to continue offering the quality care our community deserves, we are asking all patients and clients to carefully plan ahead for travel to any upcoming appointments. If you believe you will be late to your appointment, please give us a call and we will make every effort to accommodate you.

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