You Can Now Access Your COVID-19 Vaccination Card Online at the State’s My Vax Record Website

The state of Massachusetts has recently launched their “COVID-19 SMART Health Card.” This is way for people who have received their COVID-19 vaccination in Massachusetts to obtain proof of their vaccination status online. The COVID-19 digital vaccine card provides a QR code* that can be stored on your mobile device, so you don’t have to carry a paper vaccination card.

When filling out the state’s MY Vax Records online request form, please fill in all required fields. Try using both your email and phone number to retrieve your vaccination record. Once your request is complete and has been submitted through the form, you will receive a link either by email or text message (depending on how you searched for your record) to download the COVID-19 SMART Health Card QR code.

Fenway Health is working with the state to provide complete COVID-19 vaccination records for everyone that we have vaccinated.

What should I do if my vaccination record is not available through My Vax Records?

If you received at least one dose of COVID-19 vaccine at Fenway Health and your records are not available on the state’s website at this time (after searching using both your phone and email), please try submitting another request through the state’s website in about a week.

If you were vaccinated someplace other than Fenway Health, please contact the provider who administered your vaccination.

*Note that all of your vaccination records (flu, COVID-19, etc.) will appear online; however, only your COVID-19 vaccination records will appear by using the QR code.

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