Behavioral Health Providers

Welcome to Fenway Health’s Behavioral Health Department

Looking for a provider? Use the tabs below to see all behavioral health providers at our three clinic locations.

Sarah Shapland Medical Case Manager
Laura Pirrotta, LICSW MT-BC Behavioral Health Specialist
Maya Milic-Strkalj, LICSW Psychotherapist
Howard Hernandez, MD Psychiatrist
Kathy Da Silva, LICSW Psychotherapist
R. Mason Community-based HIV Case Manager
Aaron Price, LICSW Psychotherapist
Alex Sogomon Keuroghlian, MD, MPH Psychiatrist
Amy Santana, LMHC Bilingual Counselor & Advocate, Violence Recovery Program
Andrew Cheever, L.Ac Acupuncturist
Ann Burke, RN M.Ed. VRP Advocate, Cape Cod
Ben Kudler, LICSW Psychotherapist
Cara Presley, LICSW Manager, Violence Recovery Program
David Reedy Medical Case Manager
David Todisco, LICSW Associate Director of Behavioral Health
Don Farr, LICSW Clinical Coordinator
Erik Mar Medical Case Manager
Erwin Ilano, MD Psychiatrist
Frank Busconi, LICSW, LADC Manager, Medical Social Work and Substance Abuse Services
Gene Duggan Access Administrator / Medical Case Manger
Gerardo Moreno-Serrano, MS, LMHC Bilingual Psychotherapist
Hales Burton, LICSW Counselor & Advocate, Violence Recovery Program
Izabela Skorska, LICSW, MSW Psychotherapist
Jay Guanci, L.Ac Acupuncturist
Jenna Cassoli, LICSW Behavioral Health Specialist
Jennifer Alberti, L.Ac Acupuncturist
Jessica Gutchess, LICSW Psychotherapist
Judy Mesle, LICSW, LCMT Psychotherapist
Katherine Clark, MD Psychiatrist
Kevin Kapila, MD Medical Director of Mental Health
Laura Stevens, LICSW Psychotherapist
Liz Coolidge, LMHC Coordinator, LGBT Family & Parenting Services
Melissa Brown, LICSW Behavioral Health Specialist
Melissa Savage, LICSW, LADC Addictions Specialist/Therapist in Behavioral Health
Meredith Flouton-Barnes, LICSW Psychotherapist
Paige Gunning Outreach Worker and Advocate in the VRP
Richard Mulcahy, BSW Violence Recovery Program Advocate (Boston)
Sarah Eley, LICSW Behavioral Health Specialist
Sophie Ricks, LICSW Psychotherapist
Tanisha Arena Violence Recovery Program Advocate
Tfawa Haynes, LICSW Psychotherapist
Xavier Lazcano Medical Case Manager
Xavier Quinn, LICSW Assistant Manager, Violence Recovery Program
M. Jane Powers, MSW, LICSW Director of Behavioral Health
Crystal Spiegel, LICSW Psychotherapist
Misty Cranston-Bates, LICSW Behavioral Health Specialist
Elizabeth Lehmann, LMHC Psychotherapist
Jeffrey Glidden, LICSW Psychotherapist
Chris DeIulio, MSW, LICSW Psychotherapist
Christopher Medeiros, LMHC Psychotherapist
James Lunderville, MSW, LICSW Supervisor/Psychotherapist
Jaymie Zapata Medical Case Manager
Jennifer McLain, MD, CGP Psychiatrist
Kathleen Driscoll, LICSW Psychotherapist
Kim Lawrence, LICSW, M.Ed Psychotherapist
Laura Cotton, LICSW Psychotherapist
Meghan McGrath, LICSW Behavioral Health Specialist
Melissa Grieco-Waters, LICSW Psychotherapist
Quincy Lashley, LMFT Psychotherapist
Richard Cook, MD Psychiatrist
Ron DiBiase, LICSW, BCD Clinical Manager/Psychotherapist
Sixto Muñoz, LICSW Senior Behavioral Health Specialist
Amy Santana, LMHC Bilingual Counselor & Advocate, Violence Recovery Program
Erwin Ilano, MD Psychiatrist
Rachel Kahn, LMHC Psychotherapist
Rebecca Henderson, LICSW Clinical Manager/Psychotherapist
Story Stephenson, MSW, LICSW Psychotherapist