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Fenway Health’s Heidi Pi, RN, Recognized in Boston Globe Salute to Nurses

Heidi Pi, RN

Fenway Health’s nursing staff works tirelessly to provide compassionate care to our patients every day, and it’s always wonderful to see them get the recognition they deserve. We’re pleased to announce that Nurse Care Manager Heidi Pi, RN, was featured in the Boston Globe’s Salute to Nurses section in this past Sunday Globe.

Fenway’s Dr. Joseph Baker and Nurse Practitioner Helena Turner nominated Heidi for this feature. They wrote:

“I am a primary care physician on a team composed of myself, nurse practitioner Helena Turner, and registered nurse Heidi. Helena and I nominate Heidi for her exemplary performance and her commitment to providing quality care to our patients.

It’s been a pleasure working with Heidi for the past few years. She is intelligent, efficient, kind, industrious, and (most importantly) compassionate. She communicates to patients in a slow, clear, methodical, and easily digestible manner, essentially meeting folks “where they’re at.”

She’s a tireless advocate for the less-fortunate and the quintessential example of someone who does “the right thing” rather than “the easy thing.”And she always knows the next right thing to do. Her organizational skills are unmatched and her ability to stay calm in our busy primary care environment is commendable—all while being kind and smiling. She is one of the best nurses I’ve ever worked with.”—Joseph Baker

“An outstanding primary care nurse, Heidi is sought out by providers and patients alike—which is remarkable given that she’s new to this demanding profession. She has impressed me with her efficiency, dedication, and compassion at least once a day in the two years that I’ve had the pleasure of working with her.

Here’s what I mean: A patient of ours (“J”) who has difficulty with mobility made plans to move out of state and live with a relative, but that relative couldn’t accommodate J’s 12-year-old dog. J was understandably near-frantic about this: “I just hate to think what they’d do to an old dog in a shelter.”

Not only did Heidi set him up with a new primary care physician and ensure that his prescriptions were transferred to his new pharmacy … she adopted his dog until he could find a more permanent home that would allow pets. She has assumed full care for this dog for the past eight months—grooming, vet bills, buying food, everything. Never mind the financial burden she accepted on J’s behalf; she is caring for this dog as she cares for our patients—with compassion, grace, kindness, and patience.

Heidi lives Florence Nightingale’s words regarding dedication to the nursing profession: “I attribute my success to this: I never gave or took any excuse.” Heidi never makes excuses and reliably steps in when a patient needs help. She is an exemplary RN; I am proud to be in the profession with her, and grateful that she is the nurse with whom I work most closely.”—Helena Turner

Please join us in congratulating Heidi!

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