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Listen Now: Antibodies and the Search for Two Cures

Pride In Our Health

In recent years, the use of antibodies in vaccines has expanded beyond medical journals and scientific papers to become a topic of mainstream news. The COVID-19 pandemic created intense public interest in the power of antibodies. But long before COVID became a household name, researchers began exploring the potential for highly potent proteins known as broadly neutralizing antibodies to help end a much older epidemic: HIV. Let’s learn more about the current state of antibody research as the search continues for cures to two global diseases.

In this latest episode of Fenway Health’s Pride in Our Health podcast, we chat with Dr. Boris Juelg, Principal Investigator at the BIDMC Center for Virology and Vaccine Research, Assistant Professor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School, Physician at the MGH Division of Infectious Diseases, and Associate Member of the Ragon Institute.

Listen to the episode here or subscribe to Pride in Our Health on Apple Podcasts, Google Play, or Spotify.

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