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Miles for Change: Fenway Health’s 2024 Boston Marathon Champions

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Fenway Health is proud to be an official partner in the 2024 Bank of America Boston Marathon® Official Charity Program. We are honored to have Fabian Benabente, Ali Hamilton, and Myles Spar running on our behalf. Here are their stories:

Fabian Benabente:


Running never came naturally to me nor was it an activity I enjoyed. Almost two decades ago when I enlisted in the Army, running became a part of my life (not by choice). While deployed in support of O.I.F., running helped fill my time and became my main source of fitness. I would have copies of Runner’s World shipped to me where I learned about form, the lifestyle, and the marathon. These experiences led to me running my first 5K overseas, running countless family runs back home, and finishing my first marathon.

In 2021, I received the opportunity to leave the public for-profit realm and come assist with the efforts at Fenway Health on the Accounting and Finance side. I was welcomed by the community and our team with open arms. As I’ve learned about the history of Fenway Health and become a thread of the fabric that serves the LGBTQIA+ community, BIPOC individuals, and other underserved communities, it has helped me find purpose in my work that was previously absent.

I’m fortunate enough to be able to bring both running and work together by running on behalf of Fenway Health in this year’s Boston Marathon. As I continue to reach for new personal heights the “why” for me is clear here – Family and the Fenway Health Community. See you at the finish line!


Ali Hamilton:


Hello, I’m Ali! I live and work in Vancouver Canada (born and raised) with my amazing wife Aislinn.

I have worked as a pilot for 17 years. Sometimes we work undesirable hours and are alone quite often. Running has been key in keeping me sane, motivated, active and has allowed me to see places all over the world. When I land, I can explore almost anywhere – all I need are my running shoes.

I am grateful to be running the world major marathons this year for causes and organizations that are making a difference in mental and physical health. Last year my one of my best friends of 17 years, Tyler, unexpectedly died via suicide. I could not have imagined a better way to honor his memory than raising money by running the Boston Marathon as a charity runner for Fenway Health. Their amazing inclusive services serving LGBTQIA+ and other marginalized communities are so important for society and are close to my heart.


Myles Spar:


While I don’t live in Boston anymore, my heart is there. I am a proud Tufts Jumbo who stayed in Boston after college in the very late 1980s, living right around the corner from Fenway Community Health Center. The clinic was a true saving grace in those early days of HIV – it was one of the only places we had for testing, support, and activism (ACTUP – Fight AIDS!).

Ever since then, Fenway has been, to me, the epitome of what the community health center should be. I have dedicated most of my professional career as a doctor to working in underserved settings, both abroad with Doctors without Borders and for other community health clinics. I’m excited to be the

national leader of AndHealth, a virtual healthcare practice that partners with CHCs, including Fenway, to provide whole-person specialty care.

I run for myself, my family, and Fenway Health – one of the foundational places in my professional life and a true beacon of light providing the best of accessible healthcare and advocacy.

Marathon Monday is just under two months away; plenty of time to support our runners’ fundraising efforts.


Find their campaigns here: Fabian, Ali, and Myles

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