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Pride in Our Health guest podcast – Gyn & Tonic: Everyone’s Got HPV

We have a special treat for you this week. Fenway Health Obstetrician and Gynecologist Supraja Rajagopalan is one half of Gyn & Tonic, a podcast featuring intimate convos with your Gynecologist besties. Every Thursday, Supraja and her best friend Sara address the questions you wish you could ask your OB/GYN over drinks.

Gyn & Tonic podcast artwork featuring hosts Supraja and Sara In “Everyone’s Got HPV,” Supraja and Sara ask “Why is there still so much stigma around HPV?” when 85% of us will have it!

Everything you need to know about this super common virus from cervical cancer screenings to if you should really get the vaccine.

They also provide some personal insights on what to do if you have it. What do you tell your partner(s)? THey’ve got your back.

Have a question you’d like them to address? DM @gynandtonicpodcast or email (no personal medical advice but lots of bestie advice).

Co-hosted by Sara and Supraja Music: Floating Abstract by ComaStudio.
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