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Project QUIT

Participants can receive up to $350 for completing the study.

Are you living with HIV/AIDS? Do you smoke daily?

If so, you may be eligible to partake in a skills-based program for quitting smoking.

Massachusetts General Hospital and Fenway Health are seeking persons living with HIV/AIDS to participate in a research study consisting of up to 14 visits over approximately 8 months. In this research study, we will be testing a behavioral treatment (like talking therapy) that focuses on feelings of anxiety and depression to help people living with HIV/AIDS stop smoking cigarettes.

Participants will complete a series of research visits in which they will complete questionnaires, blow into a carbon monoxide monitor, and receive counseling. Nicotine replacement patches are included in the study at no cost.

You may be eligible if:
– You are between the ages of 18–79
– You are living with HIV
– You are a daily smoker (you usually smoke 5 or more cigarettes a day)
– You are someone who wants to quit smoking, or you have had a recent quit attempt

Interested? Please complete this form or call 617-643-1168 (MGH) or 617.927.6266 (Fenway) for more information!

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