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The LGBTQIA+ Aging Project Responds to Hate Crime, Vandalism at Boston’s First LGBTQIA+ Friendly Senior Housing Development

The Hyde Park community covered hateful graffiti with signs of support

BOSTON, JULY 11, 2022 – On Saturday night, multiple signs were defaced with hate speech and threats of violence against the LGBTQIA+ community at The Pryde, Boston’s first LGBTQIA+ friendly senior housing development, which is currently under construction in Boston’s Hyde Park neighborhood. The LGBTQIA+ Aging Project denounces these horrendous acts of hatred targeting LGBTQIA+ older adults, an already vulnerable population.

WARNING: Images below show anti-LGBTQIA+ hate speech, threats of violence

Many LGBTQIA+ older adults have experienced this kind of hate before in their lives – in their schools, workplaces, homes and places of worship – and we all hope that such hate would be left in the past. These brave folks were the pioneers of the LGBTQIA+ movement. They made history in large and visible ways through activism at Stonewall and here in Boston’s LGBTQIA+ community, and in simple ways by just living their lives in a hostile society.

Today’s LGBTQIA+ community would not enjoy its many rights and privileges if not for their efforts. Despite the enormous strides made in LGBTQIA+ visibility and inclusion, especially here in Massachusetts, this vandalism is a sobering reminder that hate can live anywhere.

“Imagine you are the only LGBTQIA+ older adult in your apartment building and these hateful, threatening messages were written on your apartment door? How terrifying and isolating would that be? Who would you turn to and would your neighbors and building management take this seriously?” asked Lisa Krinsky, Director of the LGBTQIA+ Aging Project, a program of Fenway Health. “You can always turn to us” she added.

Over the past 21 years, the Aging Project has worked toward equity, inclusion, and community for LGBTQIA+ older adults, ensuring that they can age with the dignity and respect they deserve. The Aging Project has worked with various types of elder service providers, so that they can create welcoming settings and positive experiences for LGBTQIA+ older adults, and also can respond to these types of LGBTQIA+ hostility in their own settings.

The LGBTQIA+ Aging Project can be reached at 857.313.6590 or

“It is reassuring to see the swift and strong rejection of these hateful threats and acts of vandalism – not just from the LGBTQIA+ community, but also from neighbors in Hyde Park, Mayor Wu, varied Boston city leaders and many citizens of Massachusetts and beyond,” said Krinsky.

“We remain excited about the Pryde as Boston’s first LGBTQIA+ friendly senior living community, and these hateful threats illustrate why we still need to do the work we do. This attack on our community reinforces our commitment to ensure that LGBTQIA+ older adults can feel safe to be their authentic selves in their homes and their communities,” she added.

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