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Two Year Anniversary of Trans Equality in Massachusetts

Fenway Health’s Transgender Health Program is launching a new transgender support group this spring.

Two years ago, full transgender equality became the law of the land in Massachusetts.

Since July 2016, our transgender neighbors, family and friends have been protected from discrimination in public spaces like restaurants, retail stores and medical offices.

But this November, those protections could be wiped away as Massachusetts becomes the first state in the country to vote on transgender protections. A YES vote is a vote to uphold existing non-discrimination protections for transgender people in Massachusetts.

Celebrate the two-year anniversary of transgender equality in Massachusetts by committing to vote YES this November. Click here to sign Freedom for All Massachusetts’ pledge now.

Across the state, people and organizations committed to equality are building a coalition unlike anything Massachusetts has seen before—with transgender people and their families standing with more than 1,500 faith leaders, safety advocates, businesses and more.

But if we’re going to win on Election Day, we need every fair-minded person in Massachusetts to speak out and say YES to treating our transgender neighbors with dignity and respect.

By adding your name now to Freedom for All Massachusetts’ pledge, you’re committing to preserving Massachusetts’ rich tradition of leading on civil rights—by voting YES this November.

Sign the pledge now. Commit to voting YES on November 6 to uphold basic protections for transgender people in Massachusetts.




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