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Vaccine Study Now Fully Enrolled

The Fenway Institute is excited to announce that our vaccine study, HVTN124, has finished enrollment.

Vaccines have had a huge impact on the health of the global population. They are safe and effective when it comes to preventing diseases, like smallpox and polio, and are considered a huge public health success. The hope is to one day be able to eradicate HIV completely with an HIV vaccine.

Even with HIV treatment improving and the existence of PrEP, there are new HIV infections every day. Further, many people do not have access to treatment, or even comprehensive information about HIV. An HIV vaccine remains the most efficient and effective way to eliminate an infectious disease, including HIV, for everyone, everywhere. Vaccines are an effective, affordable, and practical option.

HVTN124 is exploring the tolerability, safety, and immune response to experimental protein and DNA-based vaccines. Over the next 14 months, participants will come in for numerous visits in which they receive the vaccine and have regular follow up visits.

The results from this study will help us determine what vaccine components and dosage that might be useful for HIV prevention in the future. The Fenway Institute is incredibly grateful for the participants who have dedicated their time and effort to participate in the study. We are excited to prove science is real together!

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