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Reproductive Health Equity Expertise

Fenway Health’s Reproductive Health Equity Program seeks to meet the healthcare needs of all individuals using its services, across the spectrum of identity, including BIPOC, LGBQIA+, transgender, and gender diverse communities. We offer community engagement and outreach programming that encompasses reproductive health education and holistic health.


  • Center BIPOC, LGBQIA+, transgender, gender diverse, and underserved communities to enable them to flourish in whole body health.
  • Create a welcoming place where community members are encouraged to be active in shared decision-making in community engagement and outreach projects.
  • Improve health and well-being by providing comprehensive care, education, outreach and advocacy, and research collaborations.
  • Re-evaluate the effectiveness of traditional models of healthcare delivery and continuously explore new opportunities to enhance health equity and the quality of care.

If you would like to schedule a gynecology appointment or are pregnant and would like to schedule an obstetrics appointment, please call 617.927.6299.

Meet the Reproductive Health Equity Specialist

Nandini Sangarasivam Choudhury,

Reproductive Health Events

november, 2023

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