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Epic And MyChart Go Live On December 1

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Dear Fenway Health Patients and Clients,

As we shared earlier this month, effective December 1, 2022, Fenway Health will join 12 Massachusetts-based Federally Qualified Health Centers in coordination with Community Technology Cooperative (CTC) to transition our electronic medical record system to Epic and the MyChart patient portal. We are delighted to be introducing this best-in-class, secure, patient-centered platform, which will provide robust tools and resources to improve documentation and integration for providers, while empowering our clients and patients to take a more active role in your health and health care.

Here are the most important things you should know:

  • Fenway Health is changing the electronic system we use to store your medical information, also known as the electronic medical record
    • We are excited about this happening but know that while we get used to the new system it will take us more time to do things
    • You may wait on the phone longer than usual or to hear back from us as our staff adjusts to the new system
    • We humbly ask for your patience during this time.
  • We will change our patient portal. It will be called MyChart, but you can still use and to connect to it starting December 1
    • If you are a current myfenway or myborum portal user, you will be able to sign up for MyChart starting December 1 here.
    • If you need a refill please send a MyChart message asking for what you need if you don’t see it or call our Refill Line at 617.927.6333
    • Some of the data from our previous EHR will not transfer fully into Epic. Because of this, our patient services team will be recollecting patient identity data in the coming weeks. You can read more here
  • We will change how we do our telehealth or virtual visits to a new system called Doximity
  • If you need additional information, have questions, or would like to share feedback, please see theFAQs on our website or email [email protected]

Please read on if you would like more information about Epic and MyChart.

While we continue to merge information from our previous electronic medical record over to Epic, you may notice your medication list is not complete on MyChart. Until this information is updated, if you need to request a refill, we encourage you to send a “non-urgent message” to your provider through MyChart rather than using the medication refill feature. Please include the name of the medication, dosage information, and preferred pharmacy.

If you do not have access to MyChart or you have an urgent medication refill request, please call our Refill Line at 617.927.6333. Please allow 3-5 days processing time for refill requests during our transition to Epic.

We will be using a new telehealth platform, Doximity, instead of Zoom for the majority of our telehealth visits. Doximity is currently used by many health centers across the country, including some of our CTC partners. It is designed for patients to use on their smartphones (cell phones).  Your Fenway provider will be sending you the video meeting link via a text message close to the start time of your visit.

You do not need to download anything or visit a different website. Simply click the link in the text message.

If you need to use a different device such as a laptop or tablet, etc. there are the instructions on how to copy and paste the link into your personal email in order to access it through a different device:

We are hoping to be able to make telehealth links accessible by other means than just text messaging in the future. Please see here for some additional patient resources regarding Doximity:

The MyChart patient portal, which will replace our MyFenway and MyBorum portals. MyChart, accessible online and through an app, will provide better access to medical records for patients and clients and will allow you to better connect and communicate with your care team; view clinical information such as lab results; schedule appointments; request medication refills; pay bills; and more. MyChart is widely used and will provide an improved experience. As of December 1, 2022, MyChart will be available in both English and Spanish, and CTC is exploring the addition of other languages.

Again, don’t worry if you are used to typing or or have those sites bookmarked. We will forward those URLs to the new patient portal. Also, please note that the MyChart patient portal will not feature Fenway Health’s name, but you will see Community Technology Cooperative.

If you are a current myfenway or myborum portal user, you will be able to sign up for MyChart starting 12/1 here. Please continue to check the patient portal, our website, and social media sites for ongoing updates, reminders, and resources.

The last three years of your clinical care information will be available in MyChart, but medical record information like medications, lab results, vital signs, diagnoses, and allergies may not be visible until after your first appointment with your care team. If you would like to save any other records, please be sure to login and download them from MyFenway or MyBorum. Please note that you may not be able to see emails sent through MyFenway or MyBorum prior to December 1, 2022 but they are still accessible in your patient chart. You can also download your emails from MyFenway. MyFenway will continue to operate on a read-only basis for a short while after 12/1. Please feel free to reach out to the Patient Portal helpdesk here to request instructions on how to download your record and emails.

Fenway Health will continue to maintain and have access to your complete medical record, as is required by law.

Fenway Health is working diligently with Epic to ensure that MyChart is tailored to meet the needs of Fenway’s diverse patient and client community. This includes system customization to allow for the collection and visibility of pronoun data in patient electronic health records (EHRs).

Unfortunately, some of the data from our previous EHR does not transfer correctly into Epic. Because of this, our patient services team will be recollecting patient identity data in the coming weeks. During your next visit to Fenway Health, you may be asked questions regarding the name and pronouns you use. We understand that this may be confusing, stressful, and frustrating, and we ask that you bear with us as we work to ensure that our records remain as accurate as possible moving forward.

Ultimately, MyChart will empower users to have much more control over their own records. Once you receive your MyChart access, you will be able to login to update certain demographic information such as name, gender identity, sex assigned at birth, sexual orientation, marital status, race, and others. Some of the language and options you see at the launch of MyChart may not be what you are used to; we are working with Epic to reword some of these fields to more inclusive language, and to add pronouns as an editable data field.

Please keep an eye out for additional guides to using MyChart that we will be providing specifically for trans and gender-diverse patients and clients.

Medical Records
As a reminder, you may request a copy of your medical record, please download the Medical Records Release Form (PDF) or Autorización de Fenway Health para divulgar información de salud protegida (PDF). Requests can be faxed to 617.425.5713, emailed to [email protected], or mailed to:

ATTN: Medical Records
Fenway Health, Ansin Building,
1340 Boylston St.
Boston, MA 02215

Again, we are grateful for the opportunity to participate in your health care and excited to be introducing this resource. Thank you.

Ellen LaPointe, Chief Executive Officer
Jordina Shanks, Chief Operating Officer
Juan Jaime de Zengotita, M.D., Medical Director
Chris Grasso, Chief Information Officer




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